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Jun. 20th, 2009


Farewell good people!

I never use livejournal anymore, and it's probably all twitter's fault.
I think after this, I'll pretty much be everywhere else but here.


Mar. 27th, 2009


I am so excited!

Alright! It's almost 1 AM so I'ma make this a quickie!

We are all going to see this movie:

They made the decision NOT to redo the entire movie and it looks entirely adorable!
It reminds me of the live-action movies from the 80's that had the costumes made for the actors. Now all we ever get is the computer animated stuff.

Mar. 15th, 2009


I love Chuck Jones.

I really do.

In other news, Jesus Camp was kinda fun. Some good times were had on the helipad!
Everyone was awesome, I just wish that we had more time to talk. Oh well.

I also kinda wish my sister had gained something from the experience. I didn't get a chance to say good bye to everyone because she rushed me into the car. When I tried to get out, she flips a shit at me and my mom.
My sister can be a bitch sometimes.

I hope that we're all able to see each other in the near future.

Mar. 5th, 2009


Some stooff! Mostly about the Westboro church

The Westboro Baptist church is coming to protest at the school tomorrow. It's a little terrifying. What are they doing here?! WHY ARE THEY HERE? I don't want them here. So what if we have a GSA!
Beh. It's just...pathetic really. I mean, is it really worth coming to a high school, spewing out your hatred towards race and sexuality?

I feel really bad for the police officers that actually have to protect them from the rage they inflict. I wonder if they just want to flip around and deck them in the face. These people are disgusting.

Albany High is a micro chasm. So many people of different nations and orientations attend this school, it's ridiculous to try to make us feel ashamed of ourselves. To tell us that it's wrong to be gay or whatever, and that God hates you for it. It's insulting.

I'm attending the protest, even though it's advised not to do so. I hope no one gets hurt.

One last thing: I really hope that they can see the poster we made for them. It's epic.

Feb. 4th, 2009

WF: Ford

I did it because everyone else was

And because my sketchbook was the proper length and width to do it.

I did some hourly comics two days ago and finally got all of them scanned today enjoyCollapse )

Feb. 3rd, 2009


Dunka Dunka Dunka

I got myself a last.fm.


In other news, my paleolithic scanner is on the fritz surprisingly enough. I think it hates me.

Jan. 15th, 2009


Here's a lil' quickie for ya!

Milo is getting better! He went to the vet today and they gave us a list of hypoallergenic foods that he can eat (the vets suspect that he has a chicken allergy), and a tube of stuff to get rid of the itching on his face. YAY!
Oh! And he's also getting used to his haircut, which was definitely the thing that made him sad. I think he missed being a mop.

Today's GSA meeting was a good 'un. I learned a lot today and I'm pretty darn excited for upcoming events. :D

And I also went to see the show that the music teachers preform every year. It was crazy awesome. I'm really glad I went.

Quick summation of my thoughts:
- Mr. Richmond is a beastly bassist.
- I'm ashamed that I started to fall asleep because I normally take short nap when I get home.
- Mr. Hoffman's voice literally woke me up because it was so great.
- All of the music teachers played the instruments that they minored in college and it was hilarious.
- Mr. Hoffman and his wife sang Spamalot (The Song that Goes Like This)!!
- Mr. Reynolds sang Chicago songs!!
- The band teacher from my brother's school was there.
- Mr. Smith from ASH was there as well.
- The half-finished set proved to serve well as a music venue.
- There were really annoying people sitting behind me and my mom.
- I saw Lauren and Raphael!

And I think I might take chorus next year! I'm really excited! :D

Jan. 3rd, 2009


I'm always nervous around new year time...

...because I hate having a linear perspective in time. I want to know what FutureMolly is doing with her life so that I may have some clue as to what to do with mine.

Though, by talking with my future self, I could 1) Alter my own future, or 2) implode the universe. Hmm...it's a risk I'll have to take.*

Anydangways, I guess this is the part I should start typing about my resolutions or reminisce about the year that has gone by. Here goes!

- Huh...you know, I really didn't like 2008 as a whole. It had some fun, marvelous, amazing moments, but most of it was...well...not fun. I dunno, maybe it was just me...

For 2009, I resolve to:
- Actually read for AP to bolster my borderline failing average.
- Read the towering stack of books next to my bed before I buy any new ones.
~ side note: FINISH THE FRIKKIN' LOtR, Chronicles of Narnia, and *shiver* Twilight series!
- Start my essays earlier so that I have more than 2-4 days to finish them. *cough*
- Clean the disgusting hovel that I call my bedroom.
- Get my driver's license!
- Buy things. (Yussss)
- Get a job
- Start looking for colleges, and to set up an account for [insert future college here]
- Socialize
- Post a little bit more. Not too much though.

*Then there's always the chance of accidentally going into another dimension, for as we all know, there are thousands upon thousands of them.

EDIT: I REMEMBER WHAT I WAS ORIGINALLY GOING TO POST ABOUT. My grandma is doin' fine! She was in robot surgery for 7 hours, and only has a small incision in her abdominal region. The first day we arrived at her house, she was coughing nonstop and I was very worried, but now, the meds seem to be helping. She almost seems back to her normal self.

Dec. 25th, 2008


Obligatory Christmas Post! Don't feel Like Using proPer punctuaTion

This year was an epic year!

Ze gifts this year include:
~ a cool, swirly necklace.
~ a new pair of gloves (with a matching hat)
~ some nice boots
~ a whole stack of threadless teeshirts!
~ a crossword puzzle game (for le DS)
~ apples to apples!
~ a set of Star Trek pez dispensers (my mom and i lol'd)

All of this was fantastic. I basically got everything I wanted. But...
There was something I wasn't expecting
It was for the whole family.

it is...
a Wii! !!!!!!!
I am so excited. We also have Guitar Hero III
I'm havin' so much fun right now.

Trying to teach my mom how to play is the best part though.
Also, I forgot how bad I am at boxing.



Dec. 14th, 2008


School was cancelled due to ice on Friday

And I took some pictures.
I'm obligated to say that the pictures are on the large side. And there's about 20 of them so...those with slow internet connection beware.

Beep boop beepCollapse )

In other news, I've finished Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman. It was wonderful and I would run out and ask for it as a Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever holiday that you celebrate that involves gift giving.

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